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In a New York Minute: Part 2

In a New York Minute: Part 2


Okay loves, back with my NY city guide part 2. I hope it helps you when planning your next trip! I absolutely loved my time while I was there, but my appreciation for travel and the places I visit increases significantly once I'm back at home... and oh my goodness, what I would give to be back in the city. Also, a BIG shout out to my friends Andrea and Jason for being so generous and for showing me around - my trip wouldn't be what it was without you! Ok, here we go.


Day 3

8:00AM - Brooklyn Bridge

After my first solid sleep of the trip, I walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge. The view from the bridge is something else, because you really can see the whole NYC skyline. The bridge was so close to the apartment, so I'm glad I made the trip!


9:30AM - Fika

After walking over the bridge, it was definitely time for coffee. I found this super cute Swedish coffee chain called FIKA in the financial district, which means "coffee break" in Swedish. They had strong Swedish coffee, and all my fave fixin's (princess cake, dammsugare, mazariner (almond tarts), almond croissants, kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls)... they had it all). Thankfully, I controlled myself, but OMG was it good. I would definitely go back next time for sure.


10:00AM - Statue of Liberty

A short walk over to Whitehall Terminal, I jumped on the Staten Island ferry (which is completely free, btw), to see the Statue of Liberty from the water. She was a lot bigger than I thought she'd be! If you're looking for a budget-friendly, fast way to see her, I definitely recommend jumping on this ferry, because you get a view of the statue to and from Staten Island, and you can just jump on the next ferry back to Manhattan once you get to the island. Time was of the essence, so that's exactly what I did! Highly recommend.


11:00AM - World Trade Centre

Once I got back to Whitehall Terminal, I walked over to the World Trade Centre, walked down Wall Street, and popped into a few stores to do some shopping around Fulton Center. I dropped my bags off at the apartment, and headed back to the subway to spend the rest of the day in Soho. 


12:45PM - Laduree

I went to Laduree for lunch, and treated myself to an Ispahan and a lavender macaron with a pot of Marie Antoinette tea... so good! Thank goodness macarons are gluten free :) The patio is soo stinkin' cute, I couldn't put my camera down!


1:45PM - Shopping in Soho

The rest of my day consisted of jumping from store to store, trying things on, crossing off the spots on my list that we don't have back home (Everlane, Sezane, Little Cupcake Bakeshop, Madewell, Mansur Gavriel, Glossier, Byredo, etc). My first stop? Nike. Because I NEEDED new shoes - my back was dead.


I spent the rest of my time at Everlane and Glossier... but Glossier takes the cake for taking all my money in New York lol. I came in with a long list, and the girls in there thought I was crazy... but #noshame.


7:00PM - Rooftop BBQ 

After meeting up with Andrea for a little more shopping, we walked over to Jason's apartment, and went grocery shopping for dinner. The two of them made the most incredible dinner, and I literally had the best steak of my life. I don't know how you do it Jason... but DAMN. And I don't even like steak! 


We ate dinner on his rooftop patio overlooking all of NYC. You could see both the World Trade Centre and the Empire State building, and it was definitely the highlight of the trip. I felt like I was on cloud 9 all night, and couldn't believe the million dollar 360 view. Can't thank you enough!!


11:00PM - The Jane Hotel

After freshening up, Andrea and I headed out on the town for the Jane! It felt like a house party in a fancy, old fashioned mansion, and the music was bomb - always a plus.


1:00AM - Marquee

A few hours later, it was time for Marquee! We met up with some Vancouver friends and listened to Oliver Heldens DJ the night away, all while laughing at the table beside us quite literally throwing bills in the air. It was the most obnoxious thing I've ever seen. I got home in time for 2 hours of sleep (especially after I finished packing), then it was time to wake up again. 


Day 4

7:00AM - Royal Wedding with Mimosas and Marathons

The wake up call for the marathon was a little early for my liking, but we were all present at Jason's apartment to catch bits of the Royal Wedding, make marathon signs, down some coffee with oat milk and sip on boozy mimosas! Nothing like more champagne to keep you going.


8:00AM - Uber Around Brooklyn

To catch the marathon runners, we uber'd to Brooklyn and chased the three of them around, trying to find the best spots to see them so we could embarrass them with our obnoxious signs and cowbells. Yes, we were those people.


11:30AM - Brunch at Krupa Grocery

After some well deserved celebratory beers in Coney Island, we all headed to brunch in Brooklyn at Krupa Grocery - SUCH a cute restaurant and such tremendously good food! I'd definitely go back here to eat again.

3:00PM - Goodbye for now

There was torrential downpour by this time after brunch, but I needed to be at the airport by 3, so I rushed in an uber back to the city to finish packing and deal with my overweight luggage situation (thanks Glossier), and booked it to the airport. I made it just in the knick of time, and it was finally hitting me... my New York visit was over!! I was pretty sad, but I was excited to be continuing on to Toronto to visit more friends of mine (more on that trip later).

Overall, I did pretty much everything I set out to do on my itinerary. There were a few spots I missed that I wish I went to, but I'm pretty proud of how much I was able to accomplish in the few days I was there. One of my best trips, by far, and I can't wait to come back to NYC... likely sooner rather than later :) 

Do you have any must do/see things in NY? Let me know below!



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