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My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine


We’ve all heard it before, but as cliché as sounds, routines really do make a difference - and a morning routine, in particular, can set the tone of your entire day. It’s been a resolution of mine to transform my morning routine into something I look forward to, and I’m getting closer and closer to my goal! There are definitely a few things that have helped make all the difference, so here’s a look into my typical morning.

Wake up with a grateful heart

As soon as I wake up, I say good morning to my little guy, and reach for my Five Minute Journal. Gratitude sets the tone for the day and pushes you to be appreciative of what you have, and search less for what you don’t. 


Make the bed

As soon as I’m up and out of bed, I make the bed right away (without disturbing Dash’s beauty sleep of course… he loooves to sleep in). As little a job it may be, it’s one thing checked off the list, and it’s a great rule to live by in all areas of the home. Once I’m done with an area, I like to clean/tidy it. It’s so much easier to clean right away than to let things pile up. When you come home, it takes the same amount of time to put your coat in the coat closet as it does to put it on the couch. Make the effort to tidy as you go, put things back where they belong, and your to do list will become a lot easier to manage.


Glow time

Next is my wake-up washroom routine. I usually shower in the evenings, so besides the obvious tooth brushing goodness, my mornings call for a quick face wash (or rinse, depending on the treatment I used the night before; overwashing strips the skin!). While my skin is still damp, I use my Vitruvi custom face oil to let it settle into my skin before I apply my makeup, and oh my goodness it is SO good. Vitruvi has created an incredible line of dynamic skincare with base and complex oils that allow you to create custom facial oils suited to your skin.


My favourite mix is Sweet Almond Oil (one of my favourite scents on the planet - smells like Farmor’s baking!), mixed with Blueberry Seed Oil (extra conditioning) and Lavender Essential Oil (to soothe the skin, and because my middle name is basically lavender) or Cedarwood (both anti-inflammatory and a cozy, woody scent). If you’re curious about what mixture will work for you, take their quick skincare quiz to find out! If you’d like to try any of their products, simply enter vitruviXlinnea for 20% your order. You’re welcome :)


Citrus detox

To cleanse my gut and jumpstart my system, I have a hot cup of lemon water on an empty stomach. It’s a habit I’ve been tracking daily, and it’s become such a soothing ritual!


Diffuse and meditate

While I let my facial oil settle into my skin (it seriously makes my skin glow under my makeup, trust!!), I turn my stone diffuser on, and add a bright, citrus scent to wake up my senses. My favourite oil in the morning is Boost, which is a blend of Juniper, Lime, Grapefruit and Bergamot. I then take 5 to 10 minutes to sit with my lemon water and do a short meditation. Taking this time for myself has helped with the anxiety and stress of my *never-ending* to do list, and has helped me appreciate the journey I’m on that much more.

To be honest, I used to think of my life in its current state as being in “limbo mode” - like this “wasn’t it”… and sometimes, I still do! But guess what… this is the main event, so live like it! When I remind myself of that daily, it helps me appreciate my life (and influences how I live it) so much more. If you’re new to meditation, there are a ton of apps that can walk you through it. My favourites are Headspace and Calm. Even just listening to relaxing sounds is a great way to soothe your mind for a few minutes a day.


Get ready for the day

After meditating, I switch my meditation to a motivating podcast, and jump into my makeup routine. My 10 minute work face starts with primer, followed by a light serum foundation, concealer, blush, brows and mascara - that’s it, that’s all!


Make breakfast

If I’m craving coffee, or feel like I absolutely need it (most times I skip it because caffeine doesn’t actually do much for me) then I’ll make myself a Nespresso or an almond milk latte. For breakfast, I almost always have a variation of my Superfood Breakfast Bowl, oatmeal with frozen berries and almond butter, a veggie omelette, or a smoothie. I never ever get tired of these options! I quickly make my breakfast (if it’s not already prepped), and pack it with my lunch to eat at work.


Go for a walk

Before I leave the house, I usually take Dash for a quick walk and some fresh air. With the cold weather these days, I haven’t been doing this as much, because my Dad takes him for the day and loves to walk him for me :D I’m spoiled, I know. Come spring, we’ll be going on runs in the morning before work - I just need it to warm up a little first!

Leave for work

When we’re back from our walk, I grab my bags (backpack if I’m going to school, yoga mat if I’m going to yoga) and my meals for the day before heading off to work.

Once I settle in, I’m ready to tackle my morning with motivation, intention and energy. I hope you’re able to incorporate some of these tips into your morning! What are your morning routines like, and what time do you wake up? Leave them in the comments below!



This post was in collaboration with Vitruvi. All opinions are my own.

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