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DIY Moss Bowl Centrepiece

DIY Moss Bowl Centrepiece


If you’re not familiar with the infamous Restoration Hardware moss bowl centrepieces and pots… well, I’m sorry, but you’ve likely been living under a rock!! These centrepieces can be found in almost every room you walk through in a Restoration Hardware store, but they all come with a hefty price tag to buy their vessels (even if you just buy their preserved moss to make it yourself).


Well good news people!! You can easily make these centrepieces yourself - maybe even with things you have around the house! I happened to have a burnt out cement “wood-grain” candle holder, so I decided it was the perfect vessel to make my first moss centrepiece. The key to making these centrepieces as cost-effective as possible is to use just a little bit of moss, and fill the bottom with something else (because it won’t be seen). If you’re interested to see how I did it, and what I used, here you go!


What You’ll Need:

Cement bowl or vessel (I used a cement pot as well as a leftover cement candleholder)

Straw filler, bubble wrap or newspaper (something that can fill the bottom of the vessel)

Dry preserved moss



1. Lay your filler at the bottom of your vessel, and fluff it up until it almost reaches the top. In my case, I used packing straw that I had from a PR package. It worked great!


2. Take your preserved moss out of the package, and start breaking it up into pieces to lay over your filler. I mismatched different colours of moss to add more interest, but you can stick to one colour if you like! Some of the Restoration Hardware arrangements feature “patches” and “spheres” of moss, so I took a few pieces to mold them into “moss balls” as well.


Once you have your desired look, rinse and repeat for as many vessels as you like! Let me know how your centrepiece turns out - I’d love to see it!



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