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Dining with Fable

Dining with Fable


Although there are a ton of beautifully hand crafted plates on the market, hardly any of them are affordable - especially when you're supporting a small business. And once you grow out of your “Ikea-everything-phase”, it can be a little daunting figuring out where to go for your “adult” flatware and dinnerware without breaking the bank... they truly are your gateway to adulting! Enter: Fable.


Founded because they, too, had trouble finding accessible flatware and dinnerware, Fable’s mission is to help create more meaningful moments at the dinner table - and bring the joy of shared meals to everyone while doing so. So when you make a purchase from Fable, they pay it forward by providing a meal to someone in need. How cool is that?!


Based here in Vancouver, Fable launched earlier this year, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on their beautiful Aesop dinner and side plates.

Made of a strong porcelain, each piece is fired twice, featuring a flat surface and low rim edge for easy stacking (perfect for those with minimal storage space)! The plates are finished with a beautiful matte glaze, which makes them ideal for any occasion.

Available in speckled white or black, these plates are both microwave and dishwasher safe (hallelujah)! And if you’re in Vancouver, the shipping is free (or they can arrange for local pick up/drop off). It doesn’t get anymore convenient than that!


If you love these plates as much as I do, you’re in luck! Fable has been generous enough to give all of you 20% off their products for shopping with me! Simply shop with my link, enter your email, and an automatic 20% will be sent your way! Now what are you waiting for... go get your new dinnerware!



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