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Horoscope Diaries: Life as a Gemini

Horoscope Diaries: Life as a Gemini


As the astrological sign of duality, Geminis are the most unpredictable of all zodiac signs. Known as the twin sign, we’re “quite the challenge,” yet some of the proudest and truest to our signs. If you haven’t heard a Gemini call their birthday month “Gemini season”, then frankly, you’ve been living under a rock! But we’re not terrible beings, I promise.

In order to help you understand the sign a little better, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far about the sign, based on experience and research. Into astrology? Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from this post, too. Here we go.

We’re social butterflies  

Geminis love to talk, charm, socialize, tell stories, and laugh. A lot. You can’t make a Gemini happy if you don’t make her laugh! On top of the necessary humour, we need to be constantly stimulated mentally. We’re wise, curious individuals that live for a good challenge - things that really push us to stop and think. We loooove to learn new things everyday, so if you can hold an intellectual conversation like a podcast and teach us something new... let’s just say you win in our books!

We’re indecisive  

Because of our paradox, winning us over is never easy—we’re often hot and cold. One moment you might think we’re completely into something, and the next... poof. It’s just part of our duality—we’re very indecisive creatures. We change our minds about everything: plans, what to eat, what we want, and everything else. To sum it up in a nutshell: our hearts want roots but our minds want wings.

We hate boring routines  

To keep Geminis entertained, we can’t ever “do nothing” or be bored, and for this reason, neither will you. We need unpredictability, and people who can keep up with ours. We get bored very easily, and can’t stand when people want to do the same things over and over again—it makes us feel strapped down (let me tell you!!!). We also have trouble laying low... hellooooo type-A-always-busy-strict-schedule personality. This is exactly why I need to dabble in multiple hobbies/interests/career paths at once. Despite needing the thought-out schedule, we also need freedom and space. We’re comfortable spending time with ourselves, and a little spontaneity sprinkled in is never a bad thing (how many spontaneous trips do I book a year? Oh, all of them).

We’re adaptable

Based on my research and experience with other Geminis I know, we tend to be creative, imaginative, and highly adaptable. I can relate to this a lot, because I adapt very easily to my environments. I’m open-minded, and I’m entering an extremely creative field. Without having creative outlets, I don’t quite feel fulfilled.

We forgive, but never forget  

We don’t like being betrayed. In fact, if you do betray us, you may see a side of us you wish you didn’t (that’s where we get the bad rap from, but only if you betray us first!). Basically, you don’t want to test usor ignore us, for that matter. We always forgive, but we never forget. Let’s just leave it at that.

We put others before ourselves

Although we can be a little harsh, we’re apparently one of the most generous and giving of the zodiac women. And even though we’re unpredictable, we’re reliable and supportive; often very good friends, and always there when someone needs them. We give good, grounded advice, and have even greater love to give.

We’ve got a whole lotta love to give  

Speaking of love, ours is remarkably one of the strongest loves of all the signs, which makes it hard to forget. We aren’t afraid of ourselves, our bodies, or our opinions. We don’t hide behind anything, and we embrace our weakness like a strength - I know I do! I talk about my weaknesses like an open book… I’m not scared or ashamed to talk about them, because everyone has something. And if you don’t share, you’ll never hear other perspectives, or learn from other experiences. And after all is said and done…

She is, GEMINI.

Happy birthday to all my gemini boos!! xo


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