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How to Organize Your Linen Closet

How to Organize Your Linen Closet


Apologies for the late post guys… life kind of took over last week, and I’m starting to feel the brunt of all work-study-homework-Dash-clean-cook-minimal-play, but I’m trying my best to keep up with my content! I’m back at it with a peek into my linen closet transformation. To be honest, it’s always been an area of my home that bothered me. It never really felt “organized” even though I’d just spent hours folding and sorting everything in it. Because it’s pretty generous in size, it tends to be a place that always gets cluttered and messy, because not only do I store my linens/towels in there, but I store all my back-up stock/extra skincare/toiletries/essential oils in there too. Thanks to the huge organization kick I’ve been on (I organize my house pretty much every second of my spare time lol), it was finally time to revamp the closet, and reorganize it in a way that didn’t make me cringe every time I opened the door (ok, that’s a little dramatic, but the before and after will show you what I mean). Looking for organization inspo of your own? Follow my tips below on how to organize a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing linen closet!


My linen closet wasn’t absolutely terrible before, but it was pretty bad. I had random decor and extra candles in odd places, lots of extra toiletries/products all over the place, and mounds of towels jam packed into the closet... clearly I don’t need that many towels for one person!




Stick to neutrals

To make the closet as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I stuck to neutrals the whole way through. All my sheets are white, and almost all of my towels are white as well (can you tell I have a thing for white?)… they really do brighten up a room so much! Yes, my hot yoga towels are fluorescent highlighter colours, and I have a few guest towels that are patterned, so I used woven baskets to “disguise” them and prevent them from clashing with the rest of the closet.


Purge, purge, purge

As far as the rest of the bright towels, I went through them and purged a whole bunch out of my closet. Because a) they don’t bring me joy… they bring me pretty bad memories actually, and b) I don’t need them. And if both of those things are the case, donate those bad boys asap! You’ll free up so much space, it’s unbelievable. I used my biggest basket for all of my “extra” products that I actually need, and it works great for hiding the clutter-that-was!


Use similar baskets

When styling your shelves, pick out baskets that are not only functional and big enough for you to use, but are cohesive in tone and pattern. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and purchase matching baskets, but look around your home for boxes/baskets you already have, then go to the store to fill in the gaps, keeping your tones and textures of your existing baskets in mind. I already had the baskets at the top of my closet, so I stuck to a woven, beachy vibe when sourcing the others.


Fold with love

Last, but certainly not least is your folding method. In order to create a cohesive space, your folding has to be the same for every sheet, towel or linen you fold! This can be tricky when your sheets and towels are all different sizes, but once you’ve picked a size that fits well in your closet, mimic the fold with your other sheets/towels, and you’re golden! If you have a narrow space, the KonMari folding method will help you out too. But no matter which way you choose to fold, always make sure your crease is facing outward, so you can see every single item you have from one quick glance.

I’ll be shooting more of my home so you can see how I organize just about every space! What space would you guys like to see next? Leave a comment below, and I’ll get to it!



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