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How to Style a Nightstand

How to Style a Nightstand


As the first and last area you see when you wake up and when you go to bed, your nightstand holds a lot of importance. And believe it or not, the way it's styled, the things that are on it, and its cleanliness can either help with a restful night's sleep, or discourage any sleep at all. It should be home to some of the things you love, your holy grail bedtime products, and maybe even a book or two that you're reading at the moment. If you're unsure of exactly what should be on your nightstand, below are my go-to guidelines.

Books you're currently coveting

Although we're all guilty of it, technically, the bedroom should be an electronic-free zone, and your phone should either be charging away from the bed, or in another room. This is something I'm working on, but to help stop habits, you usually need something to replace them with. My solution? Books! I'm proud to be part of a book club (who I love very very much - my friends are the bombdiggity), so I'm always reading 2-3 books at a time. Having the books I'm reading on my nightstand is not only a good reminder to read the books, but promotes screen-free time before bed. And bonus - your books will make your nightstand look well styled in a matter of seconds! 



Speaking of reading in bed, you'll need some lighting to be able to see what you're doing. Lighting can make ALL the difference in a room, so make sure you invest in some classic table lamps or wall sconces - ideally in a style that's complimentary to your bed. 


If you're an avid water drinker (sparkling is my preference) like I am, you likely need some coasters on your bedside table. My home has no shortage of coasters - I'm sure everyone I know can attest to this, so you better believe I've got a few hanging out on my nightstand.


Beauty products

I have quite a few holy grail products, and I find that if I see them, I remember to use them. This is no different for night time products. And usually, my beauty products are aesthetically pleasing too... because branding gets me every time. I am in Marketing, so... duhh. Lay your favourites out on your nightstand, and you're good to go!



When I need to relax, I love to light a soy candle or diffuse some lavender essential oil to help me sleep. Both work well, but if you're not staying up for long in bed, just put your diffuser on, and to sleep you go! My favourite diffusers and blends (refresh is my absolute fave) are from Saje Wellness, but they're available pretty much everywhere now.


Flowers, plants or both

Fresh flowers on the nightstand aren't an absolute must, but they do make a tremendous difference. Sometimes, buying roses or fresh flowers every now and then is worth your while, especially if they boost your mood. And of course, for everyday essentials that aren't so pretty, utilize the storage in the drawer of your nightstand. I keep all my evening vitamins there, so I remember to take them before bed. Once you have these key pieces, add some personal flare, and you'll get a restful night's sleep in no time. Let me know what your nightstand favourites are below!



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