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How to Style a Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table


Despite being small, coffee tables are mighty, and can make a significant impact on a room. They often act as an anchor for your living space, so you want to make sure you style it to showcase all the things you love! Depending on the size of your coffee table and its purpose (I eat at mine more often than I'd like to admit), styling it can get a little difficult, especially if you don't know where to start.


To begin, pick a coffee table that fits in your space, whether that be round, square or rectangular, and choose something that pairs well with your other furniture, especially your couch. Next, use a few of your favourite coffee table books to ground the table, and set a base for the beautiful objects on top! Before going on the hunt for new books, shop your own home - I'm sure you have some good coffee table books lying around somewhere (and yes, they're called coffee table books for a reason)!

Again, depending on the size of the table, either on top or next to the coffee table books, I usually look for either a tray, basket or marble slab to act as a "command" centre for all the knick-knacks I put on top.

Now that you have your base, it's time for the fun part! A short vase with your favourite flowers or greenery (my love of eucalyptus is so real) is a staple for a well-styled coffee table. I don't always include flowers, but if you're having a get together with friends, or simply feel like treating yourself, a coffee table is a great place to put those bad boys on display.


Next, think about what you use your coffee table for. If it's a space where you put your glass, invest in some nice coasters to put on display. If you like to light candles every night, pick up a nice candle of your choice, some cute matches, and a gold wick trimmer (my friends think I'm crazy for this one but I really do use mine all the time)! 

Lastly, add objects that you love to look at on a daily basis to add interest to the table. I love draping wooden beads on top of my books, and I have a crystal tealight that was my very first purchase from one of my favourite stores (The Cross Design), so it's a special piece to me, and it will definitely be on display in my home forever. 


Wooden Beads | Matches | Wick TrimmerMarble Coasters | Coffee Table Book | Glass Vase | Marble & Wood Cutting Board | Dish

Once you've chosen your pieces, it's time to rearrange, and rearrange again. Play around with the placement of the objects until you find a combination you like. It's all about trial and error here. Once you're happy with it, voila! 

Do you have any coffee table staples that you can't live without? I'd love to hear about them in the comments! 



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