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Shelfie Styling 101

Shelfie Styling 101


Bookshelves have been popular for a while now... and I know because I've had my trusty Ikea Vittsjö shelf ever since I moved out (almost 6 years ago, omg) and I've loved it ever since. It's been with me in every single home I've lived in, so it's grown with me throughout the years, and I've changed what it displays many, many times. Styling a shelfie  can be a little tricky, but my hope is to break it down to be a little easier for you.


Clean every surface

To begin, take everything off of every shelf, and clean every surface. You can't have a sharp looking bookshelf if it's dusty!


Style your books

Next, visualize where you'd like to store your books. I like to scatter my books diagonally, so that there aren't too many of the same vignettes happening next to each other. Books can be stacked either on top of one another, or with the spines displayed vertically. It really depends on the size and composition of the book! For paperback books with less-than-lovely covers, try flipping them the other way, so you have a uniform display of the neutral-toned pages. 


Shop your home

Once you're happy with the way your books look, it's time to shop your home. This is where you get out your vases, tealight holders, heirlooms, plants, frames, purses, perfumes, and whatever else you have lying around without a home. Use your books as your base, and scatter the other knick-knacks around them. Trial and error is key here!

Plants, plants, plants

Greenthumb or not, plants really do make the room come together, so make sure you have lots of them! They're super affordable, and they pair well with almost everything. 


Find additional storage

One of my favourite pieces on my bookshelf is my mom's antique ginger jar. She brought two of them all the way from the Philippines when she moved to Canada, so they're sentimental pieces that I'll always have in my home (or as long as she lets me keep them lol). And bonus! They act as a great storage space for extra chargers and things I don't want lying around in plain sight.


Balance is key

Make sure you balance the weight of your items, and play with varying heights. Don't be afraid to lean frames against the wall, or have plants growing off the shelves. Once you're happy with how your shelves look, take a step back, and embrace your creation! The shelf should be full of items that bring you joy, and in turn, seeing it everyday will make you happy. 


 Jo Malone Cologne | Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb | Gold plant standThe Coveteur | Three Times a Day | All in Good Taste | SHE by Kate Spade

And that's it, styling complete!



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