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How to Set a Christmas Table

How to Set a Christmas Table


As my very first Christmas Eve that I’ll be hosting in this apartment, I wanted to make sure my Christmas tablescape was extra special, to ensure everyone has a good time, and they ENJOY Christmas as much as possible. Ironically, I used to hate when my mom asked me to “set the table” for dinner, but I LOVE the sh*t out of table setting now! It’s also important to note that I don’t have a dining table - or a dining area, to be honest. So how did I pull off this Christmas tablescape? Well, I improvised, that’s how! I kept my theme very simple - earthy, Scandinavian decor, with a few touches of rustic, cabin vibes to keep it warm and cozy. And I’m not one to spend big bucks on things I’m only going to use a few times a year, but I’m here to tell you that if you follow these simple tips, you’ll have a perfectly laid out table setting in no time (even if you don’t actually have a real “dining” area).


1. Folding furniture is your best friend

Yes, I said it! Folding. Furniture. Welcome to the world of condo living at its finest. I use folding furniture for ALL of my dinner parties. I have a big folding table that I keep in my storage locker, and I have 4 folding chairs from Ikea that I keep in my storage box on my patio. Once I put the table cloth over the table, and some faux fur or blankets over the chairs, you’d never even know it’s plastic underneath. If I have extra guests, I add the extra stools and seats I have around my home year-round!


2. Layer, layer, layer

A well laid table has tons of depth and different textures going on at once. I always make sure to set the table with either a round placemat or a charger, to act as the foundation for everyone’s place setting. Chargers can set the tone and mood of your tablescape, and make your dinnerware look completely different! I also layered some fresh rosemary wreaths for a pop of colour and a fresh holiday touch to the overall look.


3. Mix and match

Let’s be real - unless you’re Jillian Harris (who I used to work for - miss you mucho Jilly!) or a prop stylist, no one has matching dinnerware, glassware or serveware for the exact amount of people you’re hosting - especially if it’s a large dinner. The beauty in setting a table is that it doesn’t have to match! Playing with different heights in glassware, and mixing flatware and dinnerware all adds to a unique table setting for each guest.


4. Add warmth with texture

Think linen tablecloths, wooden chargers, twine, pine cones, or anything with a cozy texture to add some warmth to set the scene. I didn’t add much colour, so I needed to add warmth with hints of wood, creams, greenery and twine.


5. Light it up

It wouldn’t be a Scandinavian Christmas dinner without candlesticks! Growing up, my Farmor always had real candles lit all around her home, even though she has a crazy cat that likes to show off and dance around all the flames lol. So I’ve always been a big fan of candles, because they remind me of Sweden, and Christmas in general! You better believe I stacked my table with as many candles as possible. It also helps to have a cozy playlist going in the background that puts everyone at ease.


And that’s pretty much it! You’re well on your way to hosting a Christmas dinner that your loved ones are SURE to enjoy! Happy holidays, all!



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