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Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine


In the dry winter air, it’s imperative that your skincare routine changes to adjust to the weather. I still use a lot of the same products that I did in the summer, but I’ve introduced a few new ones as well! Follow along for a full breakdown of my winter skincare routine; your skin will thank you later! 


 In the morning…

Instead of doing a full cleanse of my face, I usually just rinse my face with water (to prevent over-washing), or swipe my face with Avene Cleansing Lotion (bought in Paris). On days that my skin is acting up, I use a cotton pad soaked with my tried and true Glossier Solution to clear my pores. When I ran out of my first bottle of this, I immediately noticed a difference, so it’s safe to say I swear by this stuff!

If you think of your skin as a sponge, it’s not going to absorb anything if it’s dry. You gotta make sure it’s moist and plump before layering on your products! To do this, I either spray Dr. G Hydra Intensive Mist or moisten my skin with The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics to start with a hydrated base. I follow up with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5 serum, and every now and then, I activate the circulation of my skin with a cold jade roller. This drains your skin of unwanted fluid and gives the skin a perfect glow.

If my under eyes need extra hydration, I love the Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment and SkinCeuticals Eye Balm. To moisturize my face, I use my Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer for a lighter base, but if my skin is really dry, I use my favourite Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask under my makeup. To protect my skin from the sun in the winter, I use the Huxley Stay Sun Safe SPF 50, and it works great! It’s not too thick, and doesn’t smell horrible, either.

To prime my face before makeup, I either use the Benefit Porefessional or The Ordinary Silicone Primer. Both work wonders!

To summarize…

  1. Cleanse/refine

  2. Tone with chemical exfoliant

  3. Moisten skin with mist or essence before serums

  4. Apply serum(s)

  5. Eye cream

  6. Moisturize face

  7. SPF

  8. Makeup primer (if needed)


At night…

In the evening, I use the Face Shop Rice Water Oil Cleanser to do my initial makeup removal, then, I fully cleanse with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser - hands down one of my favourite cleansers! To do this, I more often than not use my Luna Mini Facial Cleanser to exfoliate and make sure I circulate the blood in my system and get all my makeup off. On days when I need extra exfoliation, I’ve been loving the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask. And it doesn’t hurt that it smells like beautiful pumpkins, either! Lastly, I swipe a cotton pad with Garnier Micellar Water to make sure it’s all off.

Next, I hydrate my skin with my fave Dr. G Hydra Intensive Mist followed by The Ordinary Buffet serum, then the best/most affordable multi-vitamin-for-your-skin oil, The Ordinary “B” Oil. On nights I want a more intense retinoid, I enjoy using my Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil! To seal all the moisture in, I use my favourite Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (if you still haven’t bought this, I’m already on my 3rd tube because I use it twice a day… just saying). If I’m feeling super fancy, I’ll use the Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask on top! And you better believe my lips are saved with the Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask or Glossier Balm Dot Com.

To summarize…

  1. Oil cleanse to remove makeup

  2. Gel/water based cleanser

  3. Exfoliate if necessary

  4. Micellar water or toner to remove ALL residue

  5. Moisten skin with mist or essence before serums

  6. Apply serum(s)/treatments

  7. Facial oils/sheet masks

  8. Eye cream

  9. Moisturizer/sleeping masks or both

  10. Lip masks… followed by an extra spritz of mist if you’re feeling luxurious :)

For the body…

To avoid dry skin, you can’t forget about your body! I try to dry brush my skin (as painful as it is) at least 4 times a week. To wash my skin, I’m obsessed with the Glossier Body Hero Shower Oil. To exfoliate, I loooove the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish, but the Trader Joe’s Lavender Body Scrub is basically a dupe! Post-shower, I follow up with either the Huxley Moroccan Gardener Body Oil or Glossier Body Hero Lotion. Both divine!

What are your tried and true winter staples?! I’m always looking for new faves, so leave them in the comments below!



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