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2018 Recap

2018 Recap

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2018, you were definitely one for the books. There were a ton of ups and downs, but the amount of invaluable time I got to spend with my friends and family makes everything worth it, and without the downs, there are no ups. Here are a few of the highlights from the year…

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I took the plunge and finally started this blog, which has been on my mind for years. It’s been amazing to collaborate with some of my favourite brands, to share all the things I love, and to stretch my passion for interiors that much more. It’s easy to listen to the little voice in your head that’s worried about what other people will think, who will even take the time to read the posts, who will judge you, blah blah blah… but at the end of the day, WHO FLIPPIN’ CARES. This blog has been a passion project of mine, and continues to be such a joy for me to inspire all of you, as long as you’re still interested in seeing/reading my content! That’s all that really matters.

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I took travel extremely seriously this year, and I was fortunate enough to return to some of my favourite places, all while knocking multiple bucket list trips off my list! I went to New York (bucket list!), Toronto (still want to move there for a bit), Mexico, Milan, Paris (bucket list!) and Sweden (my fave), all while reuniting with so many amazing faces - my BFFs, friends of friends, and all my beloved family in Sweden. Travelling continues to be one of my favourite hobbies, and always will be. But one thing I know for sure? I LOVE being on my own schedule and travelling alone :)

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For about a year and a half, I’ve been part of a book club. It’s by far one of my favourite things in my life, and I look forward to our meeting every single month. I’m so so grateful to have these people (and babies) in my life. We read one book a month (which we vote on at the previous book club), and each contribute a food item to the dinner party based on the theme/setting of the book (we’ve got some serious chefs, so this is my favourite part). We then discuss the book over food and wine (lots and lots of wine), rate it, and choose another one all over again. These guys are amazing people, and I seriously hope the tradition lives on.

I started listening to podcasts, and they have changed my entire perspective on life. I find them so helpful, and such an easy, productive way to spend your time, rather than listening to music you always listen to. If you’re not listening to motivating, positive, educational podcasts while you’re walking, driving, cooking, working, reflecting, diffusing, whatever, start right now. I listed some of my faves here. You’ll thank me later.

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I continued making time for my health and wellness. My active lifestyle continued to be that: a lifestyle, which is exactly what the goal was. I still go to hot fitness classes at least 3-4 times a week, cut out pretty much all gluten and dairy, and thoroughly relied on so many incredible superfoods to nourish my body. I also started cooking and entertaining 840932840 times more, rather than going out... the hygge life is here to stay! I may not have much of a social life in 2019, but you better believe I’ll still be raining buckets on my yoga mat.


I changed my mindset, and embraced all the pain/heartache/change/hilarious situations/obstacles that came my way. That’s where growth stems from, and you have to go through various uncomfortable stages in order to develop and evolve as a person. I started to take my mental health seriously, regularly found daily gratitude, and attended various events to connect with the soul. I realized that truth and brutal honesty is the best policy, even if it hurts sometimes, and even if people aren’t ready to hear it. I also learned that the people you surround yourself with have a major influence on you, your potential, and your mindset. In saying that, surrounding myself with people who are honest, just as willing to grow and evolve as I am (maybe even more so), and focused on their goals are the people I need by my side to motivate me, encourage me, and reach as high as I possibly can. Those resistant to growth will only hinder your own growth, because mindset is 100% contagious.


My family and I surprised the hell out of my mom for her birthday, because experiences and memories are the best presents ever. She isn’t really a “gift” person, so I knew a party that she wasn’t expecting would be the best gift of all. And boy was it ever. She had no idea, and her friends from all walks of life were there to surprise her - some of whom she hadn’t seen in years! It was pretty epic… but now I owe her a dinner at Pepino’s, cuz that’s where she thought she was going :D


I met so many incredible people this year, who I believe have each taught me something different, even when it comes to myself. I’ve taken time to reflect on my life and love it as-is (just like the IKEA section, imperfections and all), but I’ve also been striving to live the life I want to live, because it’s also become pretty evident that life can literally be taken from you in a heartbeat. No day is really ever guaranteed. And if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. Which brings me to my next highlight…

I couldn’t strap down my passion any longer, so I’m going back to school, starting this month!! I’m beyond grateful for all the experiences and people I’ve met thus far in my marketing & pr career, but I’d be lying if I said I never think back on that time I attended an Interior Design Degree orientation in senior year, only to find out they wanted a portfolio worth of 5 years of my artwork and sketches to apply, and chickening out thinking that I didn’t have enough talent to take the plunge. But after being in Sweden this year and seeing all the incredible spaces I could be creating, I was sure. I knew I had to make it happen. It’s all coming full circle, my friends. It’s now or never.

All in all, it was an incredible year. I’m grateful for every memory made, every person I met, every soul I inspired, and every lesson I learned. Thank you for everything, 2018!



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