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DIY Succulent Pumpkin

DIY Succulent Pumpkin


It’s officially Thanksgiving here in Canada, and what better way to celebrate than with a centrepiece DIY! I absolutely love fall and all that comes with it (including pumpkin spice and everything nice).  For this year’s Thanksgiving centrepiece, I decided to put two of my favourite things together and make a succulent pumpkin! Follow along for the process and end result :)


what you’ll need

  • Pumpkin or gourd of your choice

  • Various succulents

  • Knife

  • Big spoon or scoop

  • Marker or pen


let’s get to it


1. Before you do anything, arrange your succulents the way you want them in your pumpkin. Based on the size of your succulents, draw the circle you’re going to cut into your pumpkin. 

2. Carve the circle and pull the top off your pumpkin. Scoop out all the guts until your pumpkin is completely clean, then give it a good rinse.


3. Now for the fun part! Take your biggest succulent out of its pot, and place it into the pumpkin in your desired spot. Repeat the process with all of your succulents until you achieve your desired arrangement. Wipe down the sides of your pumpkin, and voila! All set for turkey dinner.


I can’t express how thankful I am for everything and everyone in my life - I’m blessed beyond and I’m grateful for that everyday! Special thanks to you guys for reading and continuing to inspire me :)

Happy Thanksgiving loves!



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