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DIY Floral Backdrop

DIY Floral Backdrop


I promised you I’d walk you through how I made the floral backdrop for my Mom’s dessert table, so here it is! I scoured the internet for inspo photos, and once I saw hanging flowers, I knew that was it! But because I rented my party room that didn’t have white/blank walls, I had to be pretty creative as to how I would hang my garland (I’d highly recommend finding a blank white wall to make it easier lol). Curious how I did it? Spilling all the tea below!


What you need:

  • White opaque shower curtain (Dollar store, obvs)

  • 2 sheer curtain panels (or 1 large one)

  • 3 command strip hooks

  • Double-sided tape

  • Faux ivy garland

  • Fishing line

  • Scissors

  • Fresh flowers

  • Twinkle lights


How to do it:

  1. Start by measuring out how wide you’d like your backdrop to be. It should ideally be as wide as your shower curtain, which will act as a blank canvas for your backdrop. Once you’ve measured it out, stick the command hooks on the two outside corners. Next, stick 1-2 in the middle, depending on how heavy you anticipate your garland will be. I only used 3 hooks for mine.

  2. Hang your shower curtain on the appropriate hooks, then layer your sheer curtains over top. To do this, I poked holes through the top of the panels, hooked them onto the command hooks, and used a little bit of double-sided tape wherever the curtains needed extra hold. Once you have your desired backdrop, it’s time to get creative!

  3. Hang your faux ivy garland on the hooks. Measure out long strings of fishing line, and tie them sporadically along the top of the garland, wherever you’d like your flowers to hang.

  4. Snip your favourite flowers about an inch away from the bud, and start tying the flowers onto the fishing line, using the bud leaves to catch the fishing line. I started with alternating pink and white carnations, and added roses on every other strand as I went.

  5. Lastly, string your twinkle lights up and over your hooks and along the backdrop. Et voila, your magical floral backdrop is complete!

Be sure to tag me in your posts if you try this DIY out! I’d love to see your creations :)



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