Hello, world.

Sit down, stay awhile.

In a world full of beautifully filtered insta-photos and meticulously-pinned jpgs, my hope with this blog is to inspire you to create a home (and life) you love, one post at a time.

My love of interiors started at a very young age, and I always knew I wanted to be involved in interior design. Instead, I graduated with a BBA in Marketing Management, and I've dabbled in marketing and public relations, curating social feeds and writing fresh content ever since. It wasn't until recently that I started sharing snippets of my home on social media, where I discovered people were actually inspired by my spaces and content. With that in mind, I decided to go back to school for Interior Design, all while working full time and balancing the game called life.

I created this blog to share all the things I love, including my home. A home should be a place that inspires you daily, that comforts you when you have nowhere else to be, and nothing else to do. I believe you should love being at home.

My humble abode is a constant work in progress, but little by little, I'll take you on my journey to making it a home I absolutely love (and share my design tips along the way)!